Sunday, January 22, 2017

50th Anniversary of the Premier of “Django Kill”

It was 50 years ago today on January 22, 1967 that “Se sei vivo spara” (Django Kill) premiered in Rome, Italy. This bizarre entre into the Spaghetti western genre was directed by Giulio Questi. The Mexican gang of the hero (Tomas Milian) and the Anglo gang of Oaks (Piero Lulli) hijack a gold transport. The Mexicans are then mowed down but two Indians help the hero to recover. He catches up and kills Oaks in a town where the citizens already have killed Oak's men. The gold now becomes an object of contention between the hero, the "substantial citizens", Templar (Milo Quesada) and Alderman (Paco Sanz), as well as the rancher Zorro (Roberto Camardiel).

Se sei vivo spara! – Italian title
Oro hondo – Italian title
Gringo uccidi – Italian title
Oro maldito – Spanish title
Django Vem Para Matar – Brazilian title
O Pistoleiro das Balas de Ouro – Brazilian title
Si estás vivo dispara – Chilean title
Django dræber – Danish title
Django – tappaja – Finnish title
Tire encore si tu peux – French title
Töte, Django – German title
Django - Leck Staub von meinem Colt – German title
Ένας ξένος... λίγο χρυσάφι... πολλά πτώματα – Greek title
Django Mata – Portuguese title
Джанго, стреляй... – Russian title
Django, Kill! - döda för guld – Swedish title
Altin Kursun – Turkish title
Django Kill… if You Live Shoot! – English title
Django Kill – English title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [GIA Società Cinematografica (Rome), Hispamer Films P.C. (Madrid)]
Producer: Alex J. Rascal (Alessandro Jacovini)
Director: Giulio Questi
Story: Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi
Screenplay: María del Carmen Martínez Román, Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi
Cinematography: Franco Delli Colli [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Ivan Vandor
Song: “My Town” sung by Ann Collin
Running time: 100 minutes

“The Stranger”/Barney Bunton/Django - Tomás Milian (Tomás Rodriguez)
Oaks - Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Bill Templer - Milo Quesada (Raul Alonso)
Hagerman/Alderman/Ackerman - Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Zorro/Sorrow - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Flory/Lori - Marilù Tolo (Maria Tolo)
Evan Templer - Raymond Lovelock
Elizabeth Hagerman/Alderman - Patrizia Valturri
Collins - Gene Collins
Willy - Félix Sancho Gracia
Richie - Rafael Hernández
Templer henchman - Frank Braña (Francisco Perez), Antonio Pica
Oak’s henchmen - Fernando Villena, Lars Bloch
Townsman - Hermano Reynoso
Townswoman - Mirella Panfili (Mirella Pamphili),
Zorro/Sorrow henchman - Calogero Azzaretto, Sisto Brunetti
Indian - Ángel Silva, Miguel Serrano
With; Edoardo De Santis

Spaghetti Western Locations

We continue to our search for filming locations for the 1966 film “Navajo Joe”. The scene switches from Joe at the grave yard to the people of Esperanza attending the burial of Geraldine and Dr. Lynne riding out. After he leaves the remaining townsmen including the banker, the parson and the sheriff start to debate on whether they should have taken Joe’s offer and suggest they try and get him back.

This scene was filmed at the western set in Almeria.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi Yasuda’s location site: and Captain Douglas Film Locations

Special Birthdays

Hugo Blanco (actor) is 80 today. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails – English title

A 1973 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Pyser/Landau (Hollywood)
Director: John Peyser
Running time:

Andrew Prine

Mike Ferguson provided this limited information Variety twice in 1973. This was a pilot for a comedy western TV series that was not picked up by any of the TV networks. It was filmed in Spain where John Peyser was living at the time. Contact with Andrew Prine for more information has been futile.